Straight, curly, wavy, with fringe or tuft: whatever the style it is impossible to deny that medium haircuts are the most loved and favorite of many. Precisely for this reason, it is good to do a maxi-review on what will be the trends and styles that will be in fashion and that we will see on the hair for this year.
Comfortable and practical, it is impossible to deny it, the medium cuts of 2022 are a passepartout and for this reason they are increasingly chosen for those who want to change their look but without exaggerating. If you are looking for a new haircut, but discreet and that does not upset you too much, these inspirations will come in really useful.

  • Bob e midi bob
  • Medium wavy cuts
  • Medium cuts with bangs
  • Straight cuts: mid haircuts
  • Scaled cuts, the proposals for the mids
  • Medium haircuts: ideas for curls

Bob and midi bob
Big comeback or big confirmation
In any case the bob , and the long bob , are back among the medium cuts of 2022. This medium length adapts easily to many faces and, moreover, allows you to maintain a comfortable and easy cut. manage. Bobs and long bobs, in fact, can be collected with great simplicity in high, low or chignon tails that will make the style of each one even more unique.
To enrich the proposals of the helmets and medium haircuts for 2022 , this year, the midi bob is also inserted, a cut that would not be correct to define short but which transforms the bob into a more casual, shorter and even more voluminous length. Medium wavy cuts
Obviously there is no shortage of wavy hair that goes perfectly with medium cuts even for 2022. The natural waves of the hair give volume to medium cuts, but at the same time allow you to manage it better without letting it take hold of the style . Even lengths and parting in the center will dominate these haircuts even on hair with natural waves or made with iron. If you love slashed and layered cuts, even in this case you can opt for a front scaling: soft and elegant. Medium cuts with bangs Fringe
Yes thanks. And a header that sooner or later everyone has done and probably will happen also for 2022, better if combined with medium haircuts such as the long bob.
Do not imagine a full and full-bodied fringe , but rather sparse and barely hinted, without forgetting careful and correct styling. The real unmissable fringe for 2022 will be that curtain , that is, open in the center and carried to the sides.
The courtain bang , in fact, is the perfect solution for those who want to try the fringe but do not have the courage and the desire to manage this sometimes decidedly difficult style. Straight cuts: mid haircuts
If we talk about medium cuts and must also mention straight hair. For the2022 the reverse cut will return, that is short back and long in front, the great workhorse of the early 2000s. The smooth styling , in this case, finds its maximum expression in two diametrically opposed styles: on the one hand the natural look, perhaps not too much tidy, and on the other the smooth super sleek that is combed back and enriched by the wet effect given by the application of ad hoc products.
The medium cuts for straight hair , then, will be made unique by the gentle scaling on the front to take advantage of the properties of hair contouring and retracing the trends of the 90s. Scaled cuts, the proposals for the mids
We will never stop repeating it and telling you about it, even for 2022 and for medium hair to dominate the trends and trends will be the scaled cuts . But not simple climbs as we once thought, but the very famous shag: a modern, eccentric cut without half measures where the scales are very clear and defined.
It recalls the mullet , but the scaling and the lengths are less clear: to try for those who want to change radically without abandoning or saying goodbye to medium-long hair. Medium haircuts: ideas for curls
Often for curly hair there is no mention of medium haircuts.Short curls are easy to manage once you’ve found the right cut, while long curls take away volume and make the hair more compact.
Yet curly hair has a lot to give and can also adapt to medium cuts: the curves make the haircut more interesting while the volume will allow you to manage the lengths in a short time and playing with the line or, why not, adding a fringe to make all even cooler.

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