2022 is the year in which the Bill promoted by the Government enters into force, establishing the Minimum Vital Income (IMV) with new measures, approved by the Labor, Inclusion, Social Security and Migration Commission of Congress on last November.
Among the most outstanding is the aid for a dependent child , an aid that was received independently in two annual allocations and that from now on will be integrated into the IMV on a monthly basis with the aim of further protecting the most vulnerable families. vulnerable. Low-income families will charge up to 100 euros a month for a child under three years of age. Here we explain the key points of the aid for a dependent child in 2022.

What is aid for a dependent child

The ‘aid for a dependent child’ replaces the traditional ‘aid by points’ and is non-contributory aid . It is not necessary to have contributed to request it, but not all fathers and mothers can request it: only those who are in a situation of lack of income. From 2022 it will be included in the Minimum Vital Income, although in some specific and exceptional cases people who do not have access to the Minimum Vital Income may continue to access it independently.

What are the requirements to apply for the Minimum Vital Income

In order to access the Minimum Vital Incomeand therefore to help for a dependent child you must meet a series of initial requirements, which are the following:
Be at least 23 years old, or 18 years old if you have dependent minors, and not receive the contributory pension for retirement or permanent disability, nor the non-contributory pension for disability or retirement.
Have resided legally for at least one year in Spain.
Have been independent for at least 1 year in the case of families and 3 years in the case of single people.
In the case of cohabitation units, have been formed at least 1 year before the request.
Having previously requested other benefits to which they may be entitled.
Be registered as a job seeker.
In addition, this benefit will also reachfamilies in a situation of poverty that do not meet the requirements to receive the IMV . Households that do not exceed 300% of the IMV guaranteed income and 150% of the equity threshold corresponding to their type of household. Or what is the same, in figures:
Families of two adults and two children with income of up to 32,100 euros per year
Families of two adults and one child with income of up to 27,000 euros per year
Single-parent families and two children with an annual income of 30,800 euros Single
-parent families with one child and 27,000 euros per year

How much is charged

The amount received from this aid per dependent child in 2022 will vary depending on the age of the minor:
100 euros per month for each child between 0 and 3 years old.
70 euros for each child between 3 and 6 years old.
50 euros per month for those between 6 and 18 years old.

When is it collected

Those who are collecting child support under the above conditions should collect the payment for the second semester next January 3, although many banks have already advanced the payment of the support. From now on, when included in the payment of the Minimum Vital Income, the aid would be collected on the 1st of each month , which is when it is paid in by Social Security, which has repeatedly reported that the benefit is paid in, although it ultimately depends on the banking entities. . Some advance it to this December 31, for example, and others would not have it available to the client until January 3.

For how long can you collect

Financial aid is maintained as long as the requirements continue to be met. The most frequent is that it stops charging when the son or daughter or the fostered minor reaches the age of 18 , but in the case of disability equal to or greater than 65% it is maintained after that age. It will also be lost if the working conditions of the parents vary substantially or the child does not depend economically on them because their income is higher than the SMI.

How to request aid for a dependent child

To be able to request the maximum aid of 100 euros per dependent child, it must be done through the Tax Agency and present form 140 , both online and in person.

Can help for a dependent child be requested right now

Since June 1, 2020, the ‘points help’ only admits new applications for those who have children (or foster children) under 18 years of age and are affected of a disability of at least 33%. Or for those over that age affected by a disability of 65%, so it is normal that it cannot be requested. What you have to request is the Minimum Vital Income, not the child benefit. And within this, specify the matter of dependent children so that they include it in the amount to be received.

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