Cats are the favorite pets in most countries of the world, although curiously in Spain it is the dog that ranks number one in “preferred pets”. Cats are very peculiar: they need their own space, they like heights and, as a general rule, they are distrustful.

But there are many more curiosities about these felines, and that is why today from Mascotissimas we are going to tell you about them:

-In the world, it is estimated that there are more than 500 million domestic cats
-The International Cat Association (TICA) calculates that there are a total of 71 standardized breeds. The Cat Fanciers’ Association (FCA) places this number at 44, while for the FIFE (International Feline Federation) a total of 43 breeds are recognized.
-Cats make about 100 sounds and dogs only 10.
-Their most developed sense is hearing, even more so than any other domestic animal.
-A cat born with one blue eye is usually deaf in the nearest ear.
-The urine of a cat glows in the dark because there is a large amount of uric acid in the feline urinary system, which veterinarians call “urolithiasis” and also kidney stones.
-The oldest cat lived to be 34 years old.
-They say that a cat spends up to 70% sleeping.
-When you get home and your cat approaches you to pet you (on the legs or other parts of the body) he does it to mark territory and for you to smell him.
-Cats communicate with the movement of their tails. For example: if a cat is near you and wags its tail, it is the greatest expression of affection it can make. On the other hand, if he shakes it too hard, so much so that he hits with it, he is in a bad mood, it is better that you leave him alone for a while.
-Although they are able to see in the dark, they cannot recognize different colors.
-As a general rule, they don’t like sweets.
-In Ancient Egypt when a domestic cat died all the members of the house plucked their eyebrows and lamented their loss.
-A cat is capable of jumping up to 5 times its height in one go.
-They normally have five toes on each front foot and four on each hind foot.
-When cats are very happy they close their eyes very tight.
-Cats, over the years, become lactose intolerant.
-Isaac Newton, among his many accomplishments, invented the cat flap. This prevented his pets from distracting him.
-In 1879, 37 cats were used to deliver mail to some towns. However, they realized that they were not disciplined enough to continue the task and the project was abandoned.
-Most females are right-handed, while male cats are usually left-handed

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