May 14, 2004 is marked in red in the history of Letizia Ortiz. In Caprile red , in fact. A week before her own wedding, the fiancee of the then Prince Philip had to pass the European royalty exam in the other great royal wedding of the year, that of Frederick of Denmark and Mery Donaldson in Copenhagen. The debut in society could not be more grand, and the journalist not only had a good time but was crowned queen of style among the royals thanks to an unforgettable dress that, 17 years later , is still the best of all that he has carried
They say that Lorenzo CaprileAt the beginning of that 2004, he was commissioned to create a small collection for Letizia Ortiz. The journalist had to be turned into a princess and everyone knew that fashion was going to play a leading role. There was a condition on the part of the Royal House (they say, in fact, that it was a matter of the Prince’s own fiancée): all the fabrics had to be Spanish. So the dressmaker went to Rafael Catala and Jose Maria Ruiz and created several models for our current Queen. During her first steps in the Royal Family, Caprile was her chief couturier , although it was the red Copenhagen dress that, without a doubt, has gone down in history.
With an elegant tulle train, straight lines and a draped Bardot neckline topped with delicate semi-sheer sleeves, Caprile’s red silk crepe dress fit the Queen like a glove. I combine it with a jeweled clutch and Pura Lopez shoes, and between imposing tiaras, priceless necklaces and royal bands, Dona Letizia shined more than any other with the two Art Deco brooches and the ruby ​​and diamond earrings from the Queen’s personal jeweler. Sofia. They say that even her sisters-in-law Elena (by Christian Lacroix) and Cristina (by Jesus del Pozo) were jealous of the attention that the newcomer attracted .
That May 14, perhaps rehearsing for her own wedding, Letizia walked the red carpet of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Copenhagen with the poise of an empowered and self-confident woman, and the image of one of the iconic Spanish paintings by Julio Romero de Torres: that collected with waves to the water and her red lips put the icing on an outstanding styling.
As if that were not enough, it seems that Dona Sofia was full of praise and attention to what was going to be her daughter-in-law throughout the weekend. I introduce all the royals and praise how in love the couple was. It was at the previous party, in which Letizia also dressed as Caprile with a flower brocade bodice with an off-the-shoulder neckline and a red skirt with a mermaid silhouette.
17 years later, it is unknown where that magnificent mother-in-law-daughter-in-law relationship has gone, although that glamor with which Dona Letizia shone and that unforgettable dress will remain forever in our retinas.

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