Photo by Rdevany. Have you ever wondered which are the highest peaks on Earth
It is a question that children often ask but which then fascinates adults. The first names that come to mind are always the same: Everest and K2. And then
Here is the list of the 14 highest mountains in the world !

14 – Shishapangma, 8027 m
Photo by Dirk Groeger.

  • Geographic Location: China
  • Prima Scalata: 2 maggio 1964 da Hsu Ching, Chang Chun-yen, Wang Fuzhou, Chen San, Cheng Tien-liang, Wu Tsung-yue, Sodnam Doji, Migmar Trashi, Doji e Yonten.
  • First Winter Climb: 14 January 2005 by Piotr Morawski and Simone Moro

For years the mountain was inaccessible due to Chinese restrictions. In 2011 every record was broken, only (so to speak) 10 hours to get to the top. The feat is attributable to the Swiss mountaineer Ueli Steck.

13 – Gasherbrum II, 8035 m

  • Geographical location: Pakistan and China
  • First Ascent: 7 July 1956 by Fritz Moravec, Josef Larch and Hans Willenpart
  • First Winter Climb: February 2, 2011 by Simone Moro, Denis Urubko and Cory Richards

The mountain is considered one of the best in the world to start climbing all “8,000”, or the 14 highest peaks in the world. This is due to its traced path that even allows you to get almost to the top in a Jeep allowing anyone to go up (and favoring any rescue). In winter the ice is so solid that the mountain is the safest of the 8,000.

12 – Broad Peak (K3),
8047m Photo by Aapkamajid.

  • Geographical location: Pakistan and China
  • First climb: 9 June 1957 made by: Fritz Wintersteller, Marcus Schmuck, Kurt
  • Prima Scalata Invernale: 5 March 2013 fatta da Maciej Berbeka, Adam Bielecki, Tomasz Kowalski e Artur Malek

It is called Broad Pea k because the top is very wide. It is a very difficult mountain, although not very high, because the snow is always very soft and the avalanche risk is very high.

11 – Gasherbrum I, 8080 m
Photo of OLderman.

  • Geographical location: Pakistan and China
  • First Ascent: 5 July 1958 by Andrew Kauffman and Pete Schoening
  • First Winter Climb: 9 March 2012 by Adam Bielecki and Janusz Golab

Gasherbrum means “splendid peak”. Gasherbrum was called K5 in 1856 by Thomas George Montgomerie when he first spotted the peaks of the Karakorum from more than 200km away. Actually I name five: K1, K2, K3, K4 and K5 where the K stood for Karakoram. Today, K1 is known as Masherbrum, K3 as Broad Peak, K4 as Gasherbrum II and K5 as Gasherbrum I.

10 – Annapurna, 8,091m

  • Geographic location: Nepal
  • First Ascent: 3 June 1950 made by Maurice Herzog and Louis Lachenal
  • First Winter Climb: February 3, 1987 by Jerzy Kukuczka and Artur Hajzer

Every excursion, even the smallest one, starts from the city of Pokhara. Splendid citadel surrounded by green hills that are reflected in a mountain lake. Pokhara, thanks to hiking, has become very touristy and there are many travel agencies that will help you make a trekking route suitable for your legs.


9 – Nanga Parbat, 8.125m
Photo by * _ *.

  • Geographical location: Pakistan
  • First Ascent: 3 July 1953 by Hermann Buhl
  • First Winter Climb: 26 Feb 2016 by Simone Moro, Muhammad Ali Sadpara and Alex Txiko

The Italian mountaineer Moro conquered the summit of Nanga Parbat in winter, making history. In fact, it is the first ever that he managed to climb the summit in winter. With him there were other climbers, but Moro was the first to plant the tricolor flag. The climb is recent, in fact the feat was completed on February 26, 2016.

8 – Manaslu, 8.156 m

  • Geographic location: Nepal
  • First Ascent: 9 May 1956 by Toshio Imanishi and Gyalzen Norbu
  • First Winter Climb: 12 January 1984 by Maciej Berbeka and Ryszard Gajewski

Photo of Pratapgrg. Mount Manaslu , although lower than the previous ones, is “famous” for its avalanches which over the years have left several climbers lifeless.
The tragedy that touched everyone’s heart is that of 1972 in which 15 mountaineers died.
Unfortunately, this was repeated in 2012, in which 13 died, including two Italians. For many, in fact, Manslu remains the most difficult peak, the one that touches the spirit precisely because of these tragedies

. 7 – Dhaulagiri, 8167 m
Photo by Solundir.

  • Geographic location: Nepal
  • First Ascent: 13 May 1960 made by Kurt Diemberger, Peter Diener, Nawang Dorje, Nima Dorje, Ernst Forrer and Albin Schelbert
  • First Winter Climb: January 21, 1985 by Andrzej Czok and Jerzy Kukuczka

In 2008 a group of climbers spotted some great footprints on these peaks, in Japan and so the news began that they were the abominable snowman, the Yeti. The Japanese newspapers reported as certain news that huge footprints of the Yeti had been found at 4,800 meters on Mount Dhaulagiri . So expeditions started that lasted weeks to find the Yeti but as was to be expected it was not found.

6 – Cho Oyu, 8201 m
Source: wikipedia.

  • Geographical location: Nepal and China
  • First Ascent: 19 October 1954 by Joseph Joechler, Pasang Dawa Lama and Herbert Tichy
  • First Winter Climb 12 February 1985 made by Maciej Berbeka and Maciej Pawlikowski

In September 2014 the flag of the 4 Moors flew on the summit; in fact the mountaineer Max Caria, Sardinian doc, has succeeded in conquering the summit of Cho Oyu .

5 – Makalu, 8485 m
Photo by Craig Taylor.

  • Geographical location: Nepal and China
  • First Ascent: May 15, 1955 by Jean Couzy and Lionel Terray
  • First Winter Climb 9 February 2009 made by Simone Moro and Denis Urubko

Once again the man of the records Simone Moro has marked the history of mountaineering, also climbing Makalu , the 5th highest mountain in the world.

4 – Lhotse, 8516 m

  • Geographical location: Nepal and China
  • First Ascent: May 18, 1956 by Fritz Luchsinger and Ernst Reiss
  • First Winter Climb 31 December 1988 Krzysztof Wielicki

The climb was done using six fields. First climbing the Khumbu gravel and then the northwest face leading to the top of Lhotse .

3 – Kangchenjunga, 8586 m
Photo of Carsten.nebel.

  • Geographical location: Nepal and India
  • First Ascent: May 21, 1955 by George Band and Joe Brown
  • First Winter Climb: 11 January 1986 by Krzysztof Wielicki and Jerzy Kukuczka

Considered the highest peak in the world until Everest and K2 were climbed only so it was discovered that it was lower. Since then, Kangchenjunga has become the scene of the exploits of the best mountaineers from around the world, even though the mountain is still relatively unknown.

2 – K2, 8611 m
Photo by Kuno Lechner.

  • Geographical location: Pakistan and China
  • First Climb: 31 July 1954 by two Italians: Achille Compagnoni and Lino Lacedelli
  • First Winter Climb: the mountain has never been climbed in the winter period

It is called the mountain of the Italians precisely because two Italians were the first to climb it. The company also inspired the film “The mountain of the Italians”.

1 – Everest, 8848 m
Photo of Rdevany.

  • Geographical location: Nepal and China
  • First Ascent: May 29, 1953 by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay
  • First Winter Climb: 17 Feb 1980 by Krzysztof Wielicki and Leszek Cichy

Everest is part of the HIMALAYA chain. Before being able to climb it, several attempts were made between the first and second world war. The choice of the side to climb was mandatory, the southern side was in fact closed for political reasons.

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