He says that he was considered “an outsider” when he dressed in black in Whoever Falls Falls because he was a reporter, but not a journalist. Christian Galvez, with his passion for Leonardo Da Vinci that has led to controversy for directing an exhibition on the great figure of the Renaissance, was part of this advanced space of critical reporting and humor, the only television scourge against Aznar 22 years ago, when I survived on Telecinco. The Argentine format , brought by Emilio Aragon in 1996, later passed to La Sexta y Cuatro. Some of his reporters were and still are influential names. Others, not so much. And others, like Galvez, passed by as a man in black and came back.

Yes, but if

1 Greater Wyoming. Before being the center of the CQC table, he had twelve years of experience in TVE. His censored The worst program of the week in La 2 opened the doors to the space of black glasses. It is the only one that appears in La Sexta since the first day, 2006, with El intermedia, mainstay of current affairs with humor.

2 Arturo Valls.He entered the first CQC last, from a local Valencian chain, and he is the one who has had the best performance during all this time. As an actor (Camera cafe, Buenagente, Los del tunel) or as a presenter, every afternoon on Antena 3’s Ahora caigo. He returned to CQC in 2005 when Telecinco rescued him.

3 Manuel Fuentes.He was discovered as an impersonator in Martian Chronicles and after having his own night slot on Telecinco, in 2005, with changes in Spanish politics, he took the role of Wyoming (then on TVE), which he did not surpass in this role. He was the morning voice of the Catalan radio and was fired for not being an independentista. Presents Your face sounds familiar to me since its first season. In the photo, between Arturo Valls and Eduardo Aldan (Espinete does not exist).

4 Juanra Bonet.Coming from TV3, he joined the second stage in Telecinco as a reporter where he left his ironic mark and ended up presenting the program and taking over from Wyoming in El intermedia en las servicios. In La 2, in 2011, he began his work as a contest presenter, Gafapastas. I go through Cuatro with Lo saber, no saber and he is the host of ¡Boom! with Los Lobos unbeatable.

Yes, but not

5 Sergio Pazos.His rogue aesthetics and his Galician character earned him sympathy. He has continued to work on his land and we saw him in Cuentame, but far from the popularity he had.

6 Tonino.In the first stage of CQC , he stood out for his clueless and absent character, which put on the nerves of his illustrious interviewees. But beyond this role he did not revalidate his popularity. He is a columnist and screenwriter without much fortune and appeared in Un pais para comerselo when Imanol and Echanove did not have time to go everywhere.
7 Pablo Carbonell. The man from Cadiz, an actor in The Crystal Ball and leader of the mythical Dead Bullfighters, loyal to the Wyoming projects, was the most anticipated reporter. Because of his anarchic spirit, he didn’t have the flash of when he was a man in black, but he doesn’t care. He came to direct a movie, Tuna and Chocolate, has recorded albums, made substitutions in El Intermediate, participated in programs like Splash and it is better that he had not tried to be the crier of the Carnival.

No, but yes

8 Christian Galvez.Before being a reporter at CQC in 2005, he was in a store after having been an animator for a youth container, Desesperado Club Social, on Antena 3. After Arturo Valls, he is the one who owes the most to the glasses program. Despite being part of a few seasons in which he was a mirage of what he came to be, his role as a man in black sarcastically alongside Manel Fuentes gave him the opportunity to present Pasapalabra. Telecinco has not yet come out of the surprise of its performance. He didn’t have all of them with him, but he has been with the donut for eleven years and he will follow as many as he wants.

9 Silvia April.When she sat at the table with Ana Milan in Cuatro, in 2010, she had already been Shrek’s girl and had participated in Eurovision with Rodolfo Chikilicuatre.Andreu Buenafuente’s partner is a fundamental name in his programs and his time in Tu cara me sonido or in La que se avecina is memorable.

10 Frank White.He was the morning voice of Los 40 Principales and had presented the list on Canal + when he took charge of CQC in its brief stage in La Sexta, in 2008. Mollet’s one ended badly with SER (they sent him to the Madrid disconnection ) when he was picked up by La Sexta in 2013 for a gaseous project like Zapeando. He started faltering but has ended up being essential in the desktop.

11 Tony Garrido.He was already in the afternoons of Radio Nacional (where he was dismissed for political reasons in 2012), in Own Affairs, when he joined Frank Blanco. He had been a reporter in the last stage of Telecinco, after having been the weather man in Telemadrid. Forged in the SER, he carries out the second section of Today for today.

12 gonzo.Reporter involved in El intermedia and with his own denunciation program on Antena 3, El metodo Gonzo, which did not come together, came from the CQC stage of the Manel Fuentes stage, where the Galician stood out for his style .

13 Raul Gomez.I am part of the female CQC of Cuatro and nobody remembers him because of this work. As a crazy reporter he gave a good account in Otra movida, in Neox, with Flo and Dani Martinez. More settled over the years, he is the Marathon Man at #0.

No, but not

14 Mario Caballero.Already even in the golden stage of CQC he did not stand out as a sports special envoy. At least Juanjo de la Iglesia and Javier Martin were remembered for a few more years.

15 Estibaliz Gabilondo.Inaki’s niece confused a nonconformist attitude with unfriendly packaging. She was irritating and we didn’t want to know much about this writer.

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