Currently there are still many who do not place confidence in job prospects related to the world of books. Know, however, that if you have a degree in literature or related studies and you are a book lover, it is possible to find a job that can satisfy your passion. The publishing industry, in fact, is evolving to exploit the internet to its advantage. After some advice previously provided , Bustle indicates other valid solutions for those who want to turn their passion into a job. Librarian
Abandon the idea of ​​a figure with round glasses and cataloging only books. Aside from this preconception, you need to know that librarians are well versed in science and ensure that art and information remain free and public. It can be a good opportunity to be surrounded by books while helping to make the world a better place. Editors
There would be no well-written books if there were no editors. A job, theirs, which consists in improving the style in a text, clarity, grammar and accuracy. Editors take care of revising the drafts of an author and transform it to be able to turn it into a real story. Archivist
Although it may seem like a word from a magical novel, the archivist is much more than that. They work to evaluate and preserve archives, which can range from ancient manuscripts to postcards and diaries to digital and analogue films. Archivists are in demand in museums, universities, hospitals, libraries or associations. Literary Agent Literary
agents and managers sell their authors’ books to publishers, and without them, the publishing industry could not move forward. Book scout
Yes, there is a real job called “book scout”. Book scouts work for agents, publishers or film studios. Basically, their job is to discover the next best-selling book, so that foreign publishers can then reap the rights.Translator
If you’ve ever tried to translate a paragraph using Google Translate, you know how valuable it is to have a “human translator” at your disposal. Literary translators are not just foreign language dictionaries, they are storytellers who reinterpret a text in a new language. It is a creative profession, especially when it comes to idioms that have no literal translation. Writer
To make a book you need to sit down and write novels, short stories or memoirs. And why not give it a try
. The only problem is that, unless you have particular recommendations, you will probably find yourself writing a whole manuscript before you can hope to get a positive answer. Blogger
True, writing your thoughts and feelings on a blog can become a job. Sure, it won’t be easy at first, but you can start freelancing and hope to become famous with your personal blog if it can be captivating enough for readers. Proofreader
You may not be proofreading big upcoming books, but many smaller websites and publishing companies are always on the lookout for new acquisitions. Getting paid to read a book and then talking about it can be a good start to approach this world. Designer
Designing book covers is basically the coolest job described so far. And you know, we all judge books by their covers. If you are artistically inclined to this profession, you could create beautiful covers for the next upcoming books. Audiobook storyteller
You like to read aloud
You like to immerse yourself in different roles
You have a beautiful voice
If you have all these qualities, you have everything it takes to become an audiobook storyteller, also considering that it is an industry booming. Bookseller
By working in a bookstore, you will be surrounded by books and people who have turned their passion into a job. It can be a good way to go to start a career in the industry. Literature Teacher
If you love literature, why not pass this passion on to the next generation
. As a teacher, you can read and share your love of reading. And almost all book lovers will have the opportunity to remember at least one teacher who helped bring them closer to this fantastic world.

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