To help us, so as not to be discouraged in the face of a small bathroom , we can resort to the most creative and ingenious designs, without major structural variations, which ensures greater amplitude (at least visually) even to the smallest size. Without a doubt, the use of numerous online bathroom furniture sites, such as or the numerous online magazines specialized in furnishing the smallest room in the house, should not be overlooked.
Here are 11 little tricks that can help us make our bathroom brighter and more welcoming 1. Light and bright colors
One of the reasons inside the house and especially in small rooms: the use of light colors and materials that can reflect light. The white-wood combination is, for this reason, one of the most suitable. 2. Suspended sanitary ware
The suspended and functional bathroom furniture for a small room, that is, it allows better cleaning and a wider space for maneuver, making the room more modern 3.
Precious and brilliant mosaic the inlays able to illuminate and enhance even the smaller bathrooms. It is therefore worth adding a more or less extensive mosaic surface to obtain a surprising charm. 4. Space-saving shelves and wall units
Prefer shelves and small space-saving wall units, it will allow the bathroom to appear larger, giving life to a useful and modern equipped wall 5. Design elements
A trick that works and to shift the attention from the small size to complements with an unmistakable design. In this sense, the variants of washbasins and sanitary ware will favor a large and perfect environment. 6. Storage niches On the structural front, the storage recesses, which can be obtained from columns and walls even inside the shower, help to amplify the support surfaces and, if well lit, help to create a Spa atmosphere.7. Minimal frames and walk-in shower
To make a small bathroom seem wider, then there are walk-in showers or transparent and essential frame boxes, precisely for the reduction to a minimum of barriers that on the contrary could make the bathroom cramped and dark. .8. Flush-to-floor shower tray The flush
-to-floor models are visually very suitable for small rooms, not causing sharp detachments with the floor, facilitating cleaning of water residues which could generate the proliferation of mold and fungi. 9. Custom
-made furniture Designing custom-made and studied furniture ensures an accurate design of the space, optimizing every inch of the bathroom, especially if it is small in size. 10. Mirror factor
The mirror is an essential element to furnish the bathroom beyond the size of the bathroom itself. We will find it on the market backlit or simple, round or square, the important thing is that it is large and with essential outlines. In fact, it is no secret that mirrored surfaces participate in the greater (at least visual) width of the rooms. 11. Good lighting
In general, a well-lit environment appears increasingly large. If natural light, due to lack of windows or other, is poor, good lighting can make the difference. Light points on the mirror will help not only to illuminate the workstation but will make a corner of the house that has acquired a value on a par with the other rooms, spacious and comfortable.

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