You have recently returned from your holidays but you can’t wait to leave
. So why not try something original soon.
We offer you the 10 most bizarre structures to stay in Italy with a bit of eccentricity.

1 – Hotel Sabrina, Emilia Romagna

  • Where is it: Via Pascoli 83, Rimini – Marina Centro, Rimini
  • Costs: from € 30 to 65 per night, depending on the season and treatment (breakfast only, half board or full board)
  • Contacts: – Tel. 0541.381461

A hotel with a young and creative
flavor in the heart of Rimini’s summer nightlife. A simple structure that has veered on design choices linked to the use of color and a new concept of common space, to be lived and shared, starting with the hall redesigned on the theme of love . The 2017 season is marked by the introduction of a new loving element: we are talking about a heart-shaped pool of 45 square meters and 1 meter and 35 deep, unique in Italy of its kind. A huge heart of water in the center of an illuminated garden that will itself become the “beating heart” of the time spent in the hotel. Hydromassage, water sprays and plays of underwater lights and music, with the.

2- iRooms, Lazio

  • Where is it: in Rome (Piazza di Spagna: Via Vittoria 32 – Fori Imperiali / Colosseum: Via Baccina 45 – Pantheon / Piazza Navona / Campo dei Fiori: Piazza del Gesu 47 – Colosseum / Termini Station: Via Merulana 227)
  • Costs: from € 150 upwards, depending on the type chosen
  • Contacts: – The phone number differs depending on which accommodation you choose. Better to consult the site or write to [email protected]

Its “subtitle” speaks volumes in terms of comfort: Jacuzzi rooms & Suites in Rome. It is the perfect accommodation for all technology lovers . Those who cannot live without the internet even for a second will feel at ease and as if they were at home. Futuristic rooms with a geometric design, LED lights, waterfall showers and Ipads in each room. Ah, obviously the Wifi is present and free. The various iRooms facilities are located in strategic positions in the center of Rome (Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Piazza di Spagna, Fori Imperiali, Colosseum, Campo dei Fiori, Termini Station) and therefore represent an excellent starting point for a visit to the splendid eternal city.

3 – Abali Grand Sultanate, Sicily

  • Where is it: Via S. Agostino 5 (corner of via Maqueda), Palermo
  • Costs: from € 80 to € 180 depending on the type chosen
  • Contacts: facebook – Tel. 0039.338.36.18.241

In Palermo, in any building a stone’s throw from the Teatro Massimo, you will find this very original bed & breakfast . Managed by young artists, it offers colorful rooms . Each room is unique and has precise chromatic characteristics and particular designs.

You can choose your favorite: the colorful balloon room is better, the pop room with its “old style” features and without half measures (including the non-functioning demode television and the disc player to listen to vinyls) hanging on the walls) or rather the suites
The luxurious and sparkling Sultan’s Suite or the elegant and romantic one of Tango
La attracts you more.breakfast room , then, and a real explosion of shapes and colors that will give you the right energy and a good dose of enthusiasm as soon as you wake up.

4 – Etruscan Chocohotel, Umbria

  • Where is it: via Campo di Marte 134, Perugia
  • Costs: from € 60 upwards depending on the type of room chosen and the period
  • Contacts: – ​​Tel. +39 0755837314

You adore chocolate
You can’t resist that indescribable gluttony that brings joy every time you taste a piece of it.
As soon as you set foot in this hotel you will have even more desire to eat it, sure! Why
You will find out when you enter: you will be greeted by the unmistakable aroma of chocolate . The particularity of this hotel, in fact, is that the rooms are furnished with wardrobes, headboards and lamps that have the shape of bars or Baci Perugina . A dream for all gourmands, a lustful paradise for lovers of this fantastic delicacy. Ah, there is also a chocostore inside , yuhuuu !!!

5- House on the Tree, Lombardy

  • Where is it: Viale Penati 5/7 (Ref. Navigator Via Sant’Antonino), Malgrate (LC)
  • Costs: on request
  • Contacts: – Tel. +39 (0) 341 1880440

The name is already a whole program: what does
Nature remind you of, that’s right! Nature is alive in this boutique hotel. First of all it has a splendid view of Lake Como , but this would be “trivial”. The suites are composed of transparent walls that will allow you to be one with the surrounding park of ancient trees. The structure consists of two modern and eco-sustainable villas, made of glass and wood with an all-Italian design. An exclusive, elegant and reserved place. Do not forget, then, to try the Honesty Kitchen: a shared kitchen, open 24 hours a day, where all guests can help themselves and then write down what they have consumed. If that’s not enough for you, know that La Casa sull’Albero is less than 10 minutes’ drive from the Lecco Golf Club. Not bad, true

6 – Art Hotel Atelier on the sea, Sicily

  • Where is it: Via Cesare Battisti 4, Castel di Tusa (ME)
  • Costs: from a minimum of € 50 to a maximum of € 145 (per person per night)
  • Contacts: – Tel. 0921.334295

In a beautiful Sicilian village on the sea, art lovers will be charmed. Here you will find not just a tourist accommodation, but a hotel-studio which is also a museum . Each room is literally dominated by works by contemporary artists . Painting, sculpture, architecture and spaces have been conceived in a unique way. From the metallic suites to the barn: each room carries with it a message from the author that the guest is invited to perceive and decipher. As the website states: “The dream of many: to spend a night in a museum to fall asleep in a work of art .”

7 – Faro Capo Spartivento, Sardinia

  • Where is it: Viale Spartivento SN, Chia (CA)
  • Costs: they vary considerably according to the type of accommodation chosen and the period (from a minimum of 500 Euro per night upwards) – by reservation only
  • Contacts: – Tel. +39.3333129638

Built in 1854 by the Italian Navy, it was one of the 20 lighthouses wanted by King Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy, whose initials still head above the front door. Machine-gunned by American planes during the Second World War, it was restored at the end of the conflict. Used for its purpose until the 1980s and fell into oblivion until 2006, it now lives a second life. Awarded by the leaders of the Italian Navy as an example of recovery of military architecture and the only lighthouse at the moment in Italy to be used also as a hotel. If you have always dreamed of living as an ancient guardian of one of these structures and observing the frightening magic of the stormy sea, this hotel is made for you! Furthermore, the lighthouse is still active, with its brilliant beam of light ready, today as in the past, to illuminate the route to ships. It is open all year round and offers different types of suites.

8 – Hotel San Luis – Trentino Alto Adige

  • Where is it: Via Verano 5, Avelengo (BZ)
  • Costs: Varies according to the type of accommodation chosen – 72 sqm tree houses starting from € 284
  • Contacts: – Tel. +39 0473 279570

How many times as children have we dreamed of having a tree house all to ourselves
How nice and fun it would have been to own a small place of secrets, away from prying eyes and hidden by the foliage
A corner of our own, “unreachable”, relaxing and exciting at the same time. Well, if you want to go back to being a little child and observe the world from above without being seen, this beautiful hotel is right for you! At the San Luis the chalets on the trees , about 5-10 meters high, built on the edge of the lake and immersed in the vegetation , are an enchanting place where you can spend pleasant moments of relaxation in contact with the sounds and scents of nature .

9 – Motel K, Lombardy

  • Where is it: via Valloni 8, Casei Gerola (PV)
  • Costs: from € 50 per night for a standard room without whirlpool to a maximum of € 275 for the most beautiful suite with Jacuzzi
  • Contacts: – Tel. (+39) 0383 – 61821

A structure that consists of many particular hotels enclosed in only one . This is its characteristic! Between Voghera and Tortona, changing suites you pass from sparkling Manhattan to romantic Santorini , from experiencing an Arabian night to the exotic charm of Thailand , all through blue lagoons and lush green caves . All suites are themed, with attention to detail to create the exact atmosphere of each single place. Also perfect to escape from everyday life for just one night. A little kitschy perhaps, a little “Gardaland effect” for many, but certainly fun. Which theme would you choose

10 – Felino Castle – Emilia Romagna

  • Where is it: Strada al Castello 1, Felino (PR)
  • Costs: on request – weddings, receptions, meetings are also organized
  • Contacts: – ​​Tel. 0521 272717

Elegance and charm in an exclusive castle , immersed in a deciduous forest , surrounded by a wide and deep moat and defended by imposing bastions. A location jealously guarded by millenary walls. Enchanting outdoor spaces and sumptuous and refined interior rooms will make you spend a perfect romantic holiday or even just an experience different from the usual routine. You can breathe the ancient and refined atmosphere of the castle in all its parts. Its rooms and suites will leave you enchanted and will make you feel real princes and princesses of other times .

11 – Sextantio the Civita Caves, Basilicata

  • Where is it: Via Civita 28, Matera
  • Costs: from € 100 to € 300 per night, depending on the cave chosen
  • Contacts: – ​​Tel. 0835 332744

A 4-star boutique hotel with a decidedly unusual flavor. Located in ancient cave dwellings , it is a 4-minute walk from the Cathedral of Matera and 10 from the historic Casa Grotta di Vico Solitario, a demo-anthropological museum. In the heart of Matera, in its famous and picturesque Unesco Heritage Sassi , you will stay in suites and rooms created in caves of different sizes (the largest measuring up to 150 square meters!) Embellished with fine furniture and fabrics . An evocative atmosphere will further surprise you at the time of breakfast which will be served in an ancient deconsecrated church of the 13th century. The hotel also offers a restaurant with regional specialties and pets are welcome.

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