Rabbits are one of the favorite pets for children and, as they do not generate much work, many parents decide to please their children so that from a young age they appreciate what it is to care for an animal. On many occasions it is the ideal pet if you have a very small house or do not have much time to satisfy its needs.
And although when you think of a rabbit the first image that probably comes to mind is one in beige or white tones eating carrots, the truth is that there are many types and they are very curious animals. That is why today, from Mascotissimas, we want to tell you things that perhaps you did not know about these pets.

Things you didn’t know about rabbits

-These rodent mammals belong to the leporidae family and are animals thatThey exist since ancient times . So much so that the first fossil of a rabbit is 57 million years old.
-Its size ranges between 34 and 50 centimeters, although the giant rabbit of Flanders is the largest rabbit species in the world. They have legs of approximately one meter, measure 80 centimeters from trunk to tail and weigh up to 10 kilos.
Those who live in freedom do so in burrows with their relatives. There they feel safe from their predators. For this reason domestic rabbits like to dig tunnels so much.
They are very sensitive to heat , so it is important to keep them cool and ensure that they always have cold and clean water.
-Rabbits have the ability to do between200 and 300 poops per day . These are characterized by being uniform dark balls the size of a pea .

-They eat their own feces.
Although there are different types of poop and you should watch which one you eat. Poop has a lot of nutrients.

-The nails and the teeth do not stop growing.This is what you should be aware of in a domestic rabbit. There are toys designed so that they can gnaw and thus wear down their teeth, since in the case of not doing so, they could have health problems. Nails should also be trimmed at least twice a year.
Sight is the most highly developed sense. They are able to have a panoramic vision of 360 degrees, being able to see behind.
-Like cats, they clean themselves as they are very clean . This does not mean that you cannot bathe carefully, but the truth is that they do not need to.
The pregnancy of a rabbit is very short . Between 28 and 32 days it can have between 4 and 12 offspring. Being able to have up to four litters in just one year.

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