Trento has a culinary tradition that originates from a survival cuisine, the typical Trentino cuisine and of poor origin but at the same time substantial . It jealously preserves the authenticity of its Alpine origins, but knows how to make the most of the many influences coming from the tradition of the neighboring territories, such as Austria and Veneto.
Over the years, the many different cultures have mixed together to create an intertwining of stories but also spectacular dishes that must be tasted.
You have planned a trip to the capital of Trentino
Here are the 10 things to eat in Trento and some advice on where to taste them.

1 – Dumplings
Also known as bread dumplings or knodel, they are undoubtedly one of the most well-known and appreciated recipes of the region and, like many other local dishes, are of peasant origin.
It is a typical recovery dish as it was created with the purpose of using some products that would otherwise have been thrown away, such as stale bread.
The dumplings are delicious balls made from a dough made of bread, eggs, flour, milk, spices and herbs. Many other ingredients such as cheeses, meat, cold cuts or vegetables can also be added to the base compound.

  • Recommended for : lunch, dinner
  • Average cost : €9.00
  • Main ingredients : bread, eggs, flour, milk, spices and flavorings

2 – Carne salada Carne salada
arises from the need to preserve beef as a food supply for the winter . For its preparation usually use rump, tip of hip or the part of the round to marinate in a mixture of salt and spices such as pepper, garlic, rosemary, bay leaf and juniper berries.
In fact, after a first period of maturation, the meat is then deprived of all the fatty and nervous parts and then dry marinated with the mix of spices. Afterwards, it is immersed in a brine with aromatic herbs and juniper berries and left to mature for 25 to 30 days, in dark rooms with a temperature not exceeding 12 °. It is a low-fat and extremely versatile food, suitable for quick appetizers if cut thin, perfect when paired with soft cheeses but also with vegetables.

  • Recommended for : lunch, dinner, snack
  • Average cost : about € 22.00 per kg
  • Main ingredients : marinated beef with salt, spices, herbs

3 – Apple
strudel Apple strudel, the German word meaning “vortex”, is one of the most popular desserts in the whole of Trentino . It is in fact the famous apple-based dessert very popular both in Austria and throughout the region. With its simplicity it has conquered and continues to conquer any sweet tooth.
Nobody would say it, but its origins are far from the Alps! It is in fact a version of baklava, a typical Turkish dessert. The traditional filling of the strudel has apples as its main ingredient with the addition of cinnamon, pine nuts and raisins soaked in rum.

  • Recommended for : always
  • Average cost : €5.00
  • Main ingredients : flour, water, seed oil, eggs, Golden apples, sugar, butter, raisins, toasted pine nuts, cinnamon powder, Rum, lemon zest

4 – Tonco del pontesel
The tonco de pontesel is a stew of mixed meats with pork, beef and veal. The dish is very rich thanks to the addition of lard, pancetta and pieces of fresh luganega (a typical sausage from northern Italy).
This specialty also has ancient and poor origins , the word “tonco” means gravy, the “pontesel” and instead a small bridge under which water always flows. The name of the dish refers to its own preparation, during the cooking of the stew, in fact, the sauce is always lengthened so that the meat becomes tender and the pot always full of liquid.

  • Recommended for : lunch, dinner
  • Average cost : €12.00
  • Main ingredients : beef, veal, pork, luganega sausage

5 – Spatzle
They are small dumplings made from soft wheat flour, eggs and water . Of German origin, they are recognized thanks to their typical teardrop shape, given to them by the special tool used to prepare them.
The Spatzlehobel is a kind of grater formed by a perforated base on which to slide a container with the dough: by moving it back and forth, the gnocchi are formed which are then dropped directly into the boiling water. The condiments are the most diverse, cream and ham or cream and speck, baked with melted cheese and onion, with game meats or in broth.

  • Recommended for : lunch, dinner
  • Average cost : €10.00
  • Main ingredients : soft wheat flour, eggs and water

6 – Barley soup
It is a typically winter specialty and substantial , also considered a single dish as it can contain vegetables, cereals and even meat or speck. Even though it is cooked for a long time (it takes about 2 hours to be able to taste it) it is an easy-to-prepare dish because it does not require special attention once placed on the stove.
It can also be prepared in a drier version , which thus becomes a kind of risotto instead of the classic soupy form typical of soup.

  • Recommended for : lunch, dinner
  • Average cost : €8.00
  • Main ingredients : vegetables, meat or speck, cereals

7 – Strangolapreti
This recipe also has very ancient origins, it is said that strangolapreti were one of the favorite dishes of priests during the Council of Trent . They were called so precisely to make fun of the proverbial gluttony (and sometimes gluttony) of the members of the clergy, who gorged themselves on this and other dishes until they almost choked.
The dish, in its simplicity, is really very tasty: it is gnocchi with a typical green color due to the spinach present in the dough, seasoned with plenty of butter and sage and sprinkled with grated cheese.

  • Recommended for : lunch, dinner
  • Average cost : €10.00
  • Main ingredients : flour, water, spinach, butter, sage

8 – Straboi
Also called “strauben”, “straboli”, “strauli” or “fortaie”, they are a typical dessert of Trentino cuisine whose name derives from the German strauben which means “to curl”. The shape of these pancakes, in fact, is typically a chiocchiola.
They are usually prepared during festivals or parties in the street or in the square and are made from a mixture of flour, eggs, milk, sugar, butter and a glass of grappa. Subsequently fried in boiling oil , they are sprinkled with abundant icing sugar and often accompanied by cranberry jam, whipped cream or cooked fruit.

  • Recommended for : snack
  • Average cost : €5.00
  • Main ingredients : arina, eggs, milk, sugar, butter, grappa

9 – Trout from Trentino
The trout from Trentino have won the prestigious IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) designation and are distinguished by their full-bodied index and very low fat content.
This delicious fish, which can be farmed or fished in the fresh and clear fresh waters of the region, can be prepared following different recipes : baked, grilled, baked, in a pan, to enrich a risotto or combined with other typical regional recipes such as the barley soup.

  • Recommended for : lunch, dinner
  • Average cost : €14.00
  • Main ingredients : trout or salmon trout IGP from Trentino

10 – Venison stew
We could not miss a dish based on game, a typically winter classic that requires a fairly long preparation but the result is certainly worth it.
The venison is cooked after being immersed in a marinade based on wine and aromas overnight . The marinade helps to mitigate the wild flavor of the meat and also helps to make it tender during cooking. Venison in general is lean and has a sweeter taste than, for example, that of wild boar. Particular attention is paid to cooking, which takes place over low heat, to prevent it from becoming dry and stringy. The stew is usually served with plenty of polenta.

  • Recommended for : lunch, dinner
  • Average cost : €15.00
  • Main ingredients : venison, wine, herbs, polenta

Where to eat in Trento: best restaurants, typical bars and street food
Walking through its historic center, it is impossible not to grasp the deep bond between the city of Trento and its food and wine tradition. In fact, it is easy to notice an abundant presence of clubs among restaurants, breweries and bars, frequented by both citizens and tourists. As soon as you leave the historic center, however, the importance of wine production is more evident , but this too is always combined with good local food.
The typical dishes of the area are poor but substantial, the local street food can be savored especially during the village festivals and in conjunction with Christmas, when locals and visitors pour into the streets of the center with sweets and spiced wine in hand. In the city you can eat well with any budget available. Here’s where to eat in Trento:

1 – Antica Trattoria Ai Tre Garofani

  • Description : it is a genuine place that has always been devoted to hospitality, in business (according to some testimonies) since 1275. Local products are combined with international ingredients.
  • Specialty : homemade pasta
  • Average price : from € 30.00 per person
  • Address : Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 33 – Get directions / tel: (+39) 349 6358908

2 – Casket of the Cathedral

  • Description : the menu is a refined gastronomic experience that however respects the past. Great attention to the offer of white and red wines and fragrant mountain bubbles.
  • Specialty : Beetroot dumplings with Gorgonzola fondue, lime and raspberry km 0
  • Average price : from € 60.00 per person
  • Address : Piazza del Duomo, 29 – Get directions / tel: (+39) 0461 220030

3 – Lodanda Le Due Travi

  • Description : restaurant and B&B, family run, offers typical Trentino cuisine and tapas. Every day two first and two second courses of the menu of the day change
  • Specialty : potato tortel with salami
  • Average price : from € 20.00 per person
  • Address : Via del Suffragio, 20 – Get directions / tel: (+39) 0461 096502

4 – Osteria Le Due Spade

  • Description : cozy place with five centuries of history behind it. For dinner, the a la carte menu is flanked by two tasting menus: one of the territory and one of fish.
  • Specialty : Arctic char in “tortel de potatoes” on a Trentino saffron sauce
  • Average price : from € 75.00 per person
  • Address : Via Don Arcangelo Rizzi, 11 – Get directions / tel: (+39) 0461 234343

5 – Antica Trattoria Due Mori Restaurant

  • Description : it is one of the oldest restaurants in the city, whose cuisine has a strong link with tradition
  • Specialita : Strangolapreti, canederli, meat salad
  • Average price : from € 35.00 per person
  • Address : Via S. Marco, 11 – Get directions / tel: (+39) 0461 984251
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