Photo by Anneli Salo. A trip to Iceland is undoubtedly a unique experience, so too is discovering the real traditional Icelandic cuisine . It is a simple cuisine, which fully exploits everything that the territory can give: having a harsh climate, not very suitable for agriculture, and given the isolation that lasted for many years, Icelanders have learned to eat everything and not throw anything away. of what is edible; the result is therefore a rather particular cuisine, characterized by strong flavors and perhaps a little difficult for our palate, however it is certainly worth trying some of the typical dishes of this wonderful island.and from fish , of course; eating at a restaurant in Reykjavik can be quite expensive, but with a little attention, you will undoubtedly be able to taste the most typical dishes of the area without suffering a drain. So let’s see the 10 things you absolutely must eat in Reykjavick, Iceland .

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1 – Hakarl
Photo by Xfigpower. One of the most typical Icelandic dishes is undoubtedly hakarl , a dish for stomachs of iron: it is in fact rotten shark meat: shark meatit is left to rot for weeks in wooden crates underground, thus losing all its poison and releasing ammonia. The smell is undoubtedly nauseating, but if you manage to overcome this obstacle, you will find that the taste is not bad at all.

  • Recommended for : lunch, dinner
  • Average cost : €10.00-12.00
  • Main ingredients : shark meat

2 – Astarpungar
A typical dessert not to be missed in Reykjavik are the astarpungar , round shaped pancakes prepared with sultanas. Literally the word astarpungar means ” lover’s balls “, this sweet is linked to a rather singular legend: it is said that an Icelandic had a very beautiful and “libertine” wife. When he discovered her with her lover, in the throes of her jealousy he decided to take revenge on her, killing his rival and depriving him of his testicles, which I then cook in a fried sweet batter and serve them to his wife in the dark.

  • Recommended for : breakfast, after meals
  • Average cost : €10.00
  • Main ingredients : flour, sugar, eggs, sultanas

3 – Svid
Photo of Schneelocke. Another typical Icelandic dish for strong stomachs is svid , that is to say sheep’s head which is split in two and cooked on the grill; it is then boiled and eaten fresh, or preserved in brine.

  • Recommended for : lunch, dinner
  • Average cost : €8.00
  • Main ingredients : sheep meat

4 – Hangikjot
Photo by Martin Sonderlev Christensen. A very popular meat dish in these parts is hangikjot , traditional Icelandic smoked lamb. It is a dish strongly linked to the Christmas holidays and is eaten accompanied by boiled potatoes, bechamel and peas or rye pancakes.

  • Recommended for : lunch, dinner
  • Average cost : €10.00
  • Main ingredients : lamb, potatoes, bechamel

5 – Kjotsupa
Another dish that is definitely worth trying in Reykjaivk is Kjotsupa , a tasty lamb soup with potatoes and carrot, ideal for warming up after a day out and about.

  • Recommended for : dinner
  • Average cost : €8.00
  • Main ingredients : lamb, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onion

6 – Pylsur
Photo by Jschildk. Classic Icelandic street food, pylsurs are nothing more than the famous hot-dogs, which are made with lamb meat stuffed into a natural casing.

  • Recommended for : snack, lunch
  • Average cost : around € 4.00
  • Main ingredients : lamb meat, bread

7 – Fiskisupa
Photo of Benreis. A very typical Icelandic dish and much loved is the Fiskisupa , that is the fish soup, which you can find almost everywhere in Reykjavik. Fish is the main raw material in Iceland, and one of the traditional ways to consume it is in soup, which can be based on cod or salmon , or with halibut, or one of the most popular variants of locals and tourists is the famous Lobster bisque , considered Iceland’s best dish.

  • Recommended for : lunch or dinner
  • Average cost : €10.00
  • Main ingredients : fish (cod, salmon, halibut) or shellfish (lobster), vegetables.

8 – Ponnukokur
Photo by David Monniaux. A dessert that you absolutely must try in Reykjavic is the ponnukokur , sweet pancakes that are very reminiscent of the classic American pancakes, made with cinnamon, usually accompanied by skyr , another traditional Icelandic dish, similar to yogurt (it is actually a cheese fresh cow’s milk based).

  • Recommended for : breakfast
  • Average cost : €4.00
  • Main ingredients : flour, butter, eggs, vanilla, cinnamon

9 – Torramatur
Photo of The blanz. More than a typical dish, Torramatur is a real selection of traditional Icelandic food, based on meat and fish products that are served cut into slices or pieces and served with rugbraud (thick and dark rye bread), butter and a shot of Brennivin (Icelandic brandy). It is a dish that is traditionally eaten during the winter, and in particular during the celebrations of the Torrablot festival.

  • Recommended for : lunch, dinner
  • Average cost : €10.00
  • Main ingredients : lamb, dried fish

10 – Braudterta
Photo by Anneli Salo. We close this roundup of typical Icelandic dishes that you can eat in Reykjavik with Braudterta , a dish of Danish origin that is also very popular in these parts, which is made up of layers of sandwich bread stuffed with mayonnaise, fish and seafood (smoked salmon and shrimp).

  • Recommended for : snack
  • Average cost : €5.00
  • Main ingredients : bread, salmon, shrimp, mayonnaise

Where to eat in Reykjavik: best restaurants, typical bars and street food
The cuisine reflects the typically Nordic character of Reykjavik. The harsh climate makes the country unsuitable for crops and the local cuisine poor in vegetables and skewed in favor of meat or fish dishes .

The country’s gastronomic tradition is rich and varied . Eating in Iceland is not cheap and prices in restaurants reflect the general high cost of living in Iceland.
However, in recent years there have also been more low-cost options on which to rely, such as fast food, pizzerias or rotisseries. Icelanders usually eat very early, and typical Icelandic dishes are often reserved for strong stomachs: the most famous is hakarl, or fermented shark meat , often a shock to tourists but very popular with locals.
Always for stomachs that resist everything and the svid , that is a sheep’s head split in two parts and cooked on the grill .
Dried haddock meat is also widespread, or cod cooked in infinite variations. Puffins in Iceland are also often found in dishes, and their meats are considered a delicacy. Lamb and fish soups complement the traditional menu.

1 – Saegreifinn – Sea Baron

  • Description : fish-based restaurant near the port, where you can choose your favorite fish and it is cooked on the spot
  • Specialties : skewers cooked on the spot, lobster bisque
  • Average price : from € 25.00 per person
  • Address : Get Directions – Official Site

2 – Laundromat Cafe

  • Description : original room that serves as a laundry, cafeteria, restaurant and children’s play area
  • Specialty : their brunch
  • Average price : from € 25.00 per person
  • Address : Get Directions – Official Site

3 – Domestic Bar

  • Description : burger shop appreciated by the locals
  • Specialty : shark meat
  • Average price : from € 10.00 per person
  • Address : Get directions – Facebook page

4 – Sandholt

  • Description : café, patisserie, perfect place for light meals
  • Specialty : excellent pastry
  • Average price : from € 20.00 per person
  • Address : Get directions – Facebook page

5 – Fish Market

  • Description : Japanese Icelandic fusion cuisine
  • Specialties : fish dishes, vegan and gluten-free options
  • Average price : from € 100.00 per person
  • Address : Get Directions – Official Site
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