Photo by Agatefilm. During your trip to Belgrade, let yourself be conquered by the rich Serbian gastronomy , which will undoubtedly amaze your palate. The variety of Serbian cuisine mainly depends on its innumerable influences over the centuries: it was born as a fusion of Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish and Hungarian cuisine . In fact, over the centuries the Ottoman rule has helped to integrate flavors from oriental cuisine; while, in the centuries of Austro-Hungarian dominion, they have led to contamination in cooking methods, mainly, and in desserts.
So let’s see the 10 things you absolutely must eat in Belgrade .

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1 – Corba
Traditional Serbian dish much loved and widespread is corba, a type of soup with meat and veal offal . Usually served at the beginning of the meal, it has the task of preparing the body for the main dish, usually a meat dish. The most common corbe are of beef and veal, but it can also be found based on chicken or lamb. Chicken or beef broth with the addition of homemade pasta or knedle (semolina dumplings) is also quite popular.

  • Recommended for : lunch, dinner
  • Average cost : €5.00-8.00
  • Main ingredients : veal or beef, butter, sour cream

2 – Cevapcici
Photo by Marco Antonio Lo Buono. Among the grilled meats, one of the most popular dishes in the Balkans , and that in Belgrade you will find very easily, and the Cevapcici, a dish of Turkish origin, which consists of cylindrical meatballs based on beef and lamb, usually cooked grilled or on the grill.

  • Recommended for : lunch, dinner
  • Average cost : €4.00-5.00
  • Main ingredients : ground beef and lamb, flavorings and spices

3 – Srpska gibanica
Photo of Silverije. In Serbia, cheese-based dishes cannot be missing , and among these we recommend you try the gibanica, a savory pie made with puff pastry, stuffed with plenty of cheese, cream and eggs. Try the pairing with beer.

  • Recommended for : lunch, dinner
  • Average cost : €5.00-6.00
  • Main ingredients : puff pastry, cheese (feta type), kajmak (dried cream), eggs

4 – Sarma
Another dish of oriental derivation that we recommend you try is the Sarma, a roulade made from cabbage leaves with a filling of minced meat, rice and other spices.

  • Recommended for : lunch, dinner
  • Average cost : €5.00-6.00
  • Main ingredients : cabbage, minced meat, rice, paprika, spices

5 – Pljeskavica
Photo of Biso. Pljeskavica is a very popular dish throughout the Balkan Peninsula, very popular in the city. It is a kind of hamburger based on mixed meats (angello, beef, pork and veal) which are grilled with onions. The dough used is the same to prepare the cevapcici, it is usually served with side dishes or in a pita. It is often topped with kaymak (dried cream) or ajvar (pepper sauce).

  • Recommended for : lunch, dinner
  • Average cost : €6.00-8.00
  • Main ingredients : maginata of lamb, beef or pork, onion.

6 – Podvarak
Photo by Ivana Sokolovic. Another typical dish of the Serbian tradition much loved during the winter period is podvarak, made from sour cabbage , which is cut into pieces and cooked with onion, to which pieces of bacon are added. The cooking is finished in the oven and the dish is served with roast pork or turkey. In winter it is a compulsory dish during the holidays.

  • Recommended for : side dish for lunch and dinner
  • Average cost : €8.00
  • Main ingredients : sauerkraut, bacon, onion

7 – Palacinke
Photo of Benreis. As for the desserts, we undoubtedly recommend you to taste the delicious palacinke, a Hungarian-derived dessert very common in the Balkan area. It is a kind of crepes that is served rolled up, filled with chocolate, cream or jam. However, the most popular are the palacinke sa orasima ( walnut crepes ).

  • Recommended for : breakfast, snack
  • Average cost : €2.00-3.00
  • Main ingredients : milk, flour, eggs, sugar, chocolate, jam, cream

8 – Riblja corba
Photo by Aleksandar Cocek. Riblja corba is a fish broth that cannot be missed at the beginning of a meal. It is in fact an excellent appetizer, made with different varieties of fish to which are added paprika, which enhances the flavor, and other spices.

  • Recommended for : appetizer
  • Average cost : €7.00-8.00
  • Main ingredients : freshwater fish (trout, carp, zander, etc.), spices, paprika.

9 – Karadordeva snicla
Photo of Agatefilm. To return to the meat dishes, which are the basis of Serbian cuisine, we recommend that you try karadordeva snicla, perfect for those who love hearty foods. It is in fact a veal or pork steak stuffed with cheese, bacon and kajmak, rolled, breaded and fried.

  • Recommended for : second to lunch or dinner
  • Average cost : €6.00-8.00
  • Main ingredients : veal or pork, cheese, bacon, kajmak (dried cream)

10 – Burek
Photo of Coralie Ferreira. One of the most popular dishes for Serbian breakfast is burek, a delicious dish of Turkish origin that has spread throughout the Balkans. The burek is made from a thin filo pastry that is stuffed with different ingredients inside, based on cheese or minced meat and spices.

  • Recommended for : breakfast, snack
  • Average cost : €2.50
  • Main ingredients : puff pastry, cheese, meat, spices

Where to eat in Belgrade: best restaurants, typical bars and street food

The Serbian culinary tradition is really rich and tasty and in the country it is possible to appreciate the tastes of tradition in an always jovial atmosphere, both in simple trattorias with home cooking, the so-called kafane, than in restaurants of all types and price ranges.
Belgrade cuisine is mainly based on meat dishes and famous are for example their cevapcici, or meatballs of beef and lamb cooked on the grill or prepared on the plate.
However, corbe, soups prepared in infinite variations for every taste, from vegetarian to veal entrails, or knedle, that is semolina gnocchi, are also very popular.

There is no shortage of fish on the table , especially river fish, and delicious are also the desserts such as baklava, layers of puff pastry with melted butter, ground walnuts and honey or lemon, or the palacinke, delicious stuffed crepes.
In short, in Belgrade there is an embarrassment of choice in terms of taste. Here’s where you can enjoy the best the city has to offer!

1 – Bistro Grad Hometown Food

  • Description : a place with a retro atmosphere where you can taste local cuisine, also revisited in an international key
  • Specialty : carne, goulash, burger
  • Average price : from € 15.00 per person
  • Address : Get directions – Facebook page

2 – Joy Fine Kitchen

  • Description : simple and welcoming place with vegetarian and vegan options
  • Specialty : tea and herbal teas to accompany the dishes
  • Average price : from € 10.00 per person
  • Address : Get directions – Facebook page

3 – French

  • Description : chic and design place, where you can enjoy typical Serbian dishes in a refined setting
  • Specialties : Serbian and international dishes accompanied by a fine wine list
  • Average price : from € 20.00 per person
  • Address : Get directions – Facebook page

4 – Three sesira

  • Description : restaurant where you can enjoy exquisite local dishes, at reasonable prices and all accompanied by live Balkan music
  • Specialties : traditional Serbian meat dishes
  • Average price : from € 15.00 per person
  • Address : Get directions – Facebook page

5 – New House

  • Description : elegant and refined restaurant, of excellent quality, offering generous portions at reasonable prices, where the dishes are especially those of international and Mediterranean cuisine
  • Specialties : smoked salmon and meats
  • Average price : from € 20.00 per person
  • Address : Get directions – Facebook page
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