The attic is one of the most fascinating and evocative spaces of a house but it is often little used because you do not know how to best illuminate it
Who owns an attic or lives in an attic apartment , is often in the position of not being able to make the best use of these spaces, especially during the evening hours.
The attic , in fact, is a particular environment, structured in a completely different way from all the other areas of the house .
Very often low, with exposed beams and a sloping roof , the attic has some critical issues with regard to lighting, however, with a well-studied project and with the appropriate precautions, it is possible to illuminate it perfectly, making all corners livable.
The first tip for lighting an attic is to make the most of the natural light present, that is, the one that filters through the windows and the openings in the ceiling ; if the attic is high and wide, the natural light will be greater and more easily usable while if the space of the attic is small and low, therefore darker , then an adequate lighting system must be designed , which makes the environment livable too. in the evening and at night.
Thanks to the solutions offered bylighting design , to some advice on the right furniture and on the choice of the most suitable colors for the walls, it is possible to perfectly illuminate attics of different heights and sizes so as to transform this area of ​​the house into a dream oasis. How to illuminate an attic: what type of lamps to choose
The ideal lighting for an attic must always be designed taking into account the natural light of the environment in order to create balance and identify the right places to install chandeliers , spotlights, wall lights and ceiling lights.
The lights in the atticthey must always be wide-spectrum diffusers, which means that it is essential to create well-designed light points without “overloading” the room, so as to create a welcoming atmosphere with an elegant contrast between light and shadow .
Another element to consider carefully is the height of the ceiling ; so in an attic with a low roof, suspension lamps are to be avoided, while the installation of directional or recessed spotlights on the walls is recommended, in order to direct the light where it is most needed, and ceiling lights on the roof , in in order to give uniformity to the lighting .
If, on the other hand, the attic has a high ceiling then it is possible to opt for suspended chandeliers , which can be installed both in the highest part of the room and in a specific point, such as above the dining table. To create a warm atmosphere, you can then add wall lights , preferably in the version with directional arm so as to direct the light to your liking.
In the event that the attic has a sloping attic or there are exposed beams , a good solution is represented by lighting on cables or tracks that allows you to connect the light points together., creating a refined and pleasant lighting system.
To create design lighting for interiors, it is then possible to add table lamps and floor lamps, both in the attics with high roofs and in those with low ceilings.
The table lamps must be of the same style of the furniture and of small size and should be used to illuminate specific areas of the room, such as desks or living room tables, while the floor lamps are perfect in the blind corners of the room and can be easily moved from one area to another as needed.
For those who love a contemporary styleo has an attic with modern furnishings, an excellent choice to illuminate the environment and represented by the LED strips , low energy consumption lamps that can be positioned in different points, such as the beams of the attic or along the walls, and that allow you to create a versatile and very original lighting project. Illuminating an attic: windows, furniture and wall colors
After seeing some ideas on how to illuminate an attic with suitable lamps and chandeliers, we must also give some advice on other important elements, such as windows , furniture and colors.
As for the windows, these should be arranged in such a way as to be used as real light points ; perfect are therefore the windows for roofs , which bring direct light, and which must be positioned in a strategic way, or in all those places in the room, such as the hob in the kitchen or the work table in the study, where maximum lighting is required .
The advice, especially in large attics, is to have several small windows and not a single large window so as to illuminate all the corners while if the attic has only the skylight , then better enhance it and equip it with electric windows, so as to open and close them with simplicity.
The colors of the walls of an attic, given the particular structure of the room, they should always be light and muted and this is because the dark shades weigh down the environment and make it optically smaller.
Finally, the furniture must be properly studied, especially if the roof of the attic is particularly sloping; in this case it is necessary to customize the furniture and choose a precise style in order to create a coherent and stylish furniture .
The furnishing of an attic must be creative and optimized according to the characteristics of the spaces; if the room has a good size and the roof is high, then you can choose wooden furniture, even in dark color, and with leather finishes while if the atticand small and with a low ceiling , it is better to opt for furniture with light or pastel colors and more compact sizes, then going to customize the environment with original furnishing accessories and always in line with the style of the furniture .

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