A lot of effort to get an enviable tan but how to make your tan last long and stand out
In addition to prolonging and making the tan last with the self-tanner, you can use sprays, body oils, body illuminators, luminous body creams to make the complexion golden and shiny. Let’s discover 7 illuminating creams and sprays to bring out the tan . The illuminating mist spray, an invisible veil on the skin to bring out the tan
To bring out the tan conquered with so much effort and at the same time cool off from the summer heat, try the illuminating body mist spray. A refreshing spray water to be sprayed all over the body which, in addition to moisturizing and soothing the skin, contains small glitter and luminous particles perfect to bring out the amber complexion. To carry in your bag and spray it to fight the heat and find yourself full of golden reflections.
Timely Gold Sparkling Body Mist Body spray with gold glitter
The Timely Gold Sparkling Body Mist illuminating body spray is a body spray to be sprayed generously to enhance the tan thanks to the gold glitter inside. For a refreshing effect without spreading creams and products, practical and fast. Luminous after-sun body cream, for those who prefer a classic moisturizing texture
It is important to always use an after sun after a day at the beach, to rehydrate and soothe it but also to prolong the tan . Even better if it contains small glitter and sequins which, once the illuminating cream is spread and dried , leave the skin of the body full of iridescent reflections. The skin is hydrated, nourished, soothed and at the same time the tan is enhanced.
L’Erbolario Illuminating After Sun Cream
L’Erbolario illuminating after-sun cream contains mango oil, cocoa butter and aloe vera, perfect after a day in the sun. Aloe vera has a soothing action, even in case of minor burns, cocoa butter with shea butter, vitamin E and mango oil have a deeply nourishing action, protecting the skin from free radicals and leaving it very soft. The micro particles of mica, on the other hand, reveal a light layer of glitter that enhances the tan. Dry body oil to maximize the tan between luminous and glitter effect
For those who can’t stand the greasy sensation on the skin but want to bring out the tan and get a shiny and shiny skin, the ideal are dry oils. The dry body oil, in fact, it is nourishing but not greasy and in addition to giving a luminous appearance to the skin thanks to the illuminating action of the oil, and enriched with pearls and glitter that amplify the golden complexion to the maximum.
Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or Dry Oil Multifunction Face, Body and Hair
If you love the famous Nuxe oil you cannot do without the summer version par excellence, Huile Prodigieuse Or. A multifunctional dry oil to be used on the face, body and hair enriched with golden particles that reflect the light, to sublimate the complexion, the tanned complexion and give the skin an unmistakable scent. For those who do not like the sensation of products on the body, try the illuminating body powder
There are those who just can’t stand any product on the skin, be it a body oil, a dry oil, a cream, a moisturizing milk or a refreshing spray. In these cases, illuminating powders come to the rescue to enhance the tan . They are dispensed via a pump for a widespread application or dabbed with a duvet, just like scented talc. They give the skin a prolonged dry and clean sensation but at the same time the micro glitters reflect the light, enveloping the body in a delicate fragrance. A must have that smells of summer: the illuminating oil with Monoi
If you think of summer and don’t like citrus fragrances, what comes to mind
Without a shadow of a doubt the unmistakable scent of Monoi, fresh, enveloping and intoxicating thanks to the jasmine that is left to infuse in coconut oil. The evolution pear is the illuminating Monoi oil , which in addition to moisturizing and perfuming the skin leaves a colorful and glittery veil, perfect to apply all over the body before sipping a cocktail on the beach.
Yves Rocher Monoi De Tahiti Glitter Body Oil
Yves Rocher Monoi De Tahiti glitter body oil is ideal for those who cannot resist the unmistakable scent of this oil, which leaves a scented trail of jasmine. Not only is the skin nourished and shiny thanks to the action of the oil, but the golden particles present inside leave a veil of glitter that enhance the tan, making it more homogeneous and highlighted. In order not to have problems while traveling, the body illuminating solid oil
You know, to travel light you cannot bring too many products but, above all, you have to relegate everything to your hand luggage. The problem is always that of the limit of liquids but it is easily circumvented by preparing the perfect beauty, only with solid products for face, body and hair . So why not choose asolid oil illuminating body
It is warmed in the hands or passed directly on the body, perhaps after a shower. In addition to not taking up space in the suitcase, it makes the skin soft and nourished, slightly colored and above all full of reflections that enhance the tan . Lovers of eco-bio, try the natural illuminating dry oil, attentive to the environment
For those who are attentive to the environment and use only eco-friendly products there are many oils and illuminating body creamswith natural ingredients. Especially because the glitter and glitter present in many products are actually nothing more than microplastics which, when washed off, are dispersed in the water, polluting the sea. It is therefore better, especially for those who often use these products, to choose something that truly respects the environment and is also good for the body.
Avril Shimmering Brightening Multifunction Dry Oil Avril Shimmering Dry
Oil is perfect if you are looking for a natural and ecological product that respects the environment. Contains moisturizing and elasticizing sweet almond oil, it is not tested on animals but above all it contains only natural glitters that do not pollute.

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