The bathroom has always been one of the most used environments in the house, but also the room that shows the most signs of the passing of time, especially if when it was created, fashion required certain colors and sanitary fixtures. So, after several years, we find ourselves dreaming of a Spa instead of our narrow, uncomfortable and unsightly bathroom.If you dream of a place to relax and feel at ease, instead you find yourself detesting your bathroom, it is time to renovate it . The thought scares you
In common opinion, the renovation of the bathroom is often linked to large expenses to be incurred and works that last weeks, if not months. In reality, large investments of money are not necessary to renovate it, just a little inventiveness and a few “tricks” to create a space that is as you have always dreamed of. Capture the light
Although often ignored, light is a fundamental element in a home, especially when it comes to bathrooms. The motif
It allows you to highlight certain points of the room, but above all to make it appear larger. To best capture it, choose light shades for the coverings, such as white or cream, but also more particular colors such as pale pink or blue. Focus on lighting
Bathroom lighting is fundamental and must be treated in detail. To create a comfortable environment in which to relax, between a shower and a scrub, choose a soft and warm light, for a pleasant atmosphere. Above the mirror, instead, mount powerful spotlights that can offer the right lighting for the moment of make-up. Organize the spaces
Often, especially if the bathroom is small, objects tend to accumulate, creating a “confusing effect” that makes the room unsightly. Renovate by defining spaces precisely. Mount shelves or boxes on an empty wall and fill them with everything you need. In one area, children’s products could go, in another the husband’s shaving kit and in the last one your creams.Renew the mirror
What is the focal point of a bathroom
Obviously the mirror! For this reason, to renew the spaces it is enough to replace it. Choose a model that is large and that best expresses your style. It can be modern, with built-in LEDs and colored lights, or vintage with a decorated and very particular frame. Give new life to the floor
Another element not to be overlooked when renovating the bathroom and the floor. If it is very damaged, try to renew it by focusing on a protective resin or on a special paint to change the color. You are not satisfied yet
Then create a new layer by purchasing brand new tiles and the specific glue.
Replace the old sanitary ware. Replace the old sanitary ware
Brand new sanitary ware can give a new look to the bathroom. Choose them according to your tastes. Classic or modern and suspended, with a square or rounded shape, ideal not only for furnishing, but also for cleaning and disinfecting them more easily.
For more information visit the website Choose the mosaic
It takes very little to give new life to a bathroom, even just a… mosaic! It is a perfect solution to add liveliness to a room. You can apply it around the mirror, to create a spa effect, or, even better, inside the shower or behind the bathroom fixtures. Replace the taps
It seems impossible, but just changing the taps can give your bathroom a breath of fresh air. In this room of the house there are usually three water points and by renovating them you will also change the appearance of the bathroom. Choose them retro with delicate ceramic finishes, if you have a vintage taste, or squared if you love minimal style. Change the furniture
In the bathroom the furniture is little, although it is essential. Replace the sink cabinet by choosing one that suits your tastes and is more fashionable. Add cabinets, shelves and cubes to the walls to better organize the space and give a pop of color. Say goodbye to the old shower (or tub)
You are dreaming of a radical change to your bathroom
Then replace the tub or shower. If you want a little more space, make a comfortable shower with an ultra modern shower head, chromotherapy and smoked glass. The bathtub is your obsession
Install one with baroque lines to feel like a princess or super-equipped with whirlpool included.

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