Coat, scarf and umbrella are often not enough to prevent and defend the body from the risk of contracting the flu or even just a bad cold . The health of the organism depends on the well-being of our immune defenses , which play the role of a natural shield against germs , bacteria and viruses , the pathogens responsible for seasonal diseases such as the flu . But why, despite the immune defenses we get sick
La immune response is sometimes not prepared enough to respond to external attacks , so it may take a few days before it gets the job done. How can we help our natural defenses
What are the most suitable foods to strengthen it Here are 10 foods that strengthen the immune system 1) Mushrooms
Mushrooms are very rich in Vitamin B and many other antioxidants . They also contain beta- glucan , a polysaccharide capable of stimulating production and activity

of white blood cells , essential in the defense of the organism from pathogens . 2) Citrus fruits
All citrus fruits that are part of our food tradition, especially lemons and oranges , are rich in Vitamin C , a fundamental acid for the activity of T lymphocytes , one of the main phagocytes present in the blood . 3) Garlic
Garlic is a medicinal plant that has always been used for its antiseptic characteristics and

antibacterial , especially for the gastrointestinal system . Its benefits also affect hair and skin . People who use garlic on a daily basis are 50 % less likely to catch a cold! 4) Broccoli
These vegetables are rich in
Vitamin C , as well as many minerals such as potassium , calcium and iron . They also have a high concentration of antioxidants , capable of preventing tissue aging

and the action of free radicals . 5) Almonds and dried fruit
All dried fruit , but especially almonds , are rich in Vitamin E , a powerful antioxidant essential for the health of the organism and very effective against respiratory tract diseases . 6) Fish
All fish, but especially blue fish , are rich in antioxidants such as vitamin E , as well as Omega 3 . Anyone who regularly eats fish has about

40% less likely to get flu and other airway-related diseases.

7) Echinacea
This medicinal plant is known for its immunostimulating properties . It is particularly effective for resolving airway diseases, for its antiviral properties and as a remedy for colds . You can benefit from its properties through the use of natural supplements based on echinacea . 8) Tubers
Both sweet potatoes and carrots contain significant amounts of beta

carotene , a pro-vitamin able to activate and stimulate the immune response . Furthermore, beta-carotene is essential for skin health , as it stimulates cell regeneration . 9) Uncaria
This plant native to Peru is particularly effective against inflammation in the body and as a stimulator of the immune system . It also works against infections and helps the body recover from colds and flu .

10) Apples
The saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” seems right for this fruit. Its soluble fibers are able to stimulate the immune system , as well as reduce body inflammation .

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