We know very well how much the buildings are subject to the inevitable deterioration caused by time and atmospheric agents, as well as the overcoming of safety and comfort. This is why a more or less massive restyling is required.
What to do at this point then
You absolutely need ideas on how to renovate your home and make the right improvements.
Stylistic and aesthetic changes are often not enough. Important interventions can be used to secure the house and improve the quality of life inside. And, why not, technological innovations may also be needed that bring advantages both in terms of shelf life and functionality of the spaces.
Don’t worry though! Do not be frightened by the extent of the works to be carried out. What matters is to make a primary estimate of the maintenance to be carried out and the price, also taking into account variables such as, for example, the conditions in which the property is located, the materials to be used, any demolitions to be carried out. And, a very important element, if the works to be carried out are demanding, it is advisable to rely on professional companies who will be able to advise and guide you at every stage of the work.
Therefore, renovating the house, following all these precautions, will no longer be a problem, especially if you also consider how an operation of this type certainly represents an investment for the future: greater comfort in the home and an increase in the market value of your property. .
So let’s get to the heart of the situation, proposing some ideas for renewal and modification. Resize to expand
Whether you have an apartment or a detached house, you may feel the need to have one or more rooms available. So you have only two alternatives: either buy a bigger house or renovate the one you have trying to save space. An intervention of this type obviously requires the advice of professionals in the sector.
Works of this entity, will necessarily require having to go to resize spaces or rooms of lesser importance in order to expand rooms of greater interest or create new ones. In short, the logic is that of the redistribution of environments.
A fairly common case is, for example, that of the downsizing of the hallway and entrance, expanding the living area and making the master bedroom buy a very useful walk-in closet. And all this can also be achieved with a not excessive budget. How to save electricity
The renovation can also be addressed only to the electrical system. So if you have an old one or in any case you want a highly innovative one and maybe one that respects the environment while also saving you on bills, you can choose the photovoltaic system. The panels today can also be colored and even blend in with the roof, becoming a true architectural component.
Eco-sustainability therefore also becomes an aspect of aesthetic design.
It is good, in any case, to rely on expert companies in the sector in order not to make mistakes. Attic or attic
If you have an attic that you have never used, it is time to put your hand to enhance it.
The available space can be transformed into an attic or attic if the available area is habitable, perhaps opening a dormer window from above to let light into the room and creating a spiral staircase to access this new environment without “Stealing” too much space from the existing one.
Undoubtedly a very widespread idea of ​​renovation that will allow you to take advantage of all the space available in your home. Restructuring a country house
You have taken over a country house and you don’t know how to transform it
. The solutions can be many. The most traditional and, at the same time, elegant idea is to give the whole property a vintage touch.
Stone walls that frame a large brick fireplace and, for example, ideal for recreating a romantic and warm living area. And why not create rooms that have ceilings with exposed wooden beams and rustic-style windows to illuminate an environment as much as possible. All these are details of no small importance and that require substantial interventions.
Then we think of those rural houses that still have the stable attached. What you can do in this space
It can certainly be reused according to your tastes and needs, perhaps transforming it into a garage, a rumpus room or a cellar.
In this way, every corner will be able to find the right residential destination. TRANSFORMING AN APARTMENT INTO A LOFT
If your dream has always been to transform your apartment into a loft, know that it is not an impossible task.
The metamorphosis work will often require the demolition of some walls, obviously keeping the load-bearing ones and creating a large open space area. A single living area and the idea to be realized, allowing light to pervade the entire area, also playing with glass walls with a fascinating design.
The loft effect also requires the creation of rough walls in brick or reinforced concrete, and furniture designed in an industrial style such as traditional lofts. UNDERFLOOR HEATING
Another idea for renovating your home could be to adopt underfloor heating.
No more expensive bills! With this modern system, the heat is spread evenly, ensuring maximum comfort in the home.
Furthermore, with this type of installation it will also be possible to have summer cooling without having to resort to the usual air conditioners. And all with excellent savings on the bill. Built-in kitchen
If you are thinking of modifying or transforming your kitchen into an evergreen environment, the built-in kitchen could be for you. In addition to the fact that the use of materials such as wood, bricks and plasterboard ensure greater durability, and know how to combine resistance, elegance and practicality.
Do not be fooled by the only apparently dated aesthetics, because in reality the result that can be obtained is decidedly modern, ideal for rustic houses, farmhouses or even summer residences in the mountains.
To overturn your kitchen in this sense, rely on a good interior design, which will know how to design your tailor-made dream. How to renovate a balcony
Among the renovations it may be necessary to redevelop and consolidate the balcony of your apartment or house. This operation is to be taken into serious consideration in the case of very old buildings or buildings on which no maintenance has been carried out for a long time.
However, renovating a balcony can also be just a need for renovation or embellishment.
In any case, among the eligible suggestions you can think of the dismantling of the flooring, the painting, or the construction of a modern glass parapet, which allows a lot of light to enter the room. And, alternatively, if you want to dream big and have the appropriate sizes, you could also transform the balcony into a terrace.
Costs and timing will differ depending on the type of intervention. A garden to renovate
Looking at the outside, there are many ideas from which to draw inspiration, especially if you have enough land surrounding the house. Why not make the most of it
A well-designed outdoor area also favors the well-being of those who live there, and inevitably also favors that of any guests who visit it.
Here are some ideas for modernizing your garden: from the irrigation system to the transplanting of tall trees to be arranged in such a way as to create shady areas; prefabricated wooden items to be used as tool sheds; but also barbecue, tables and armchairs, and maybe a small gazebo.
To then complete the renovation you can also have a stone path built with luminous pathways. The restyling of the garage
Even the garage sometimes needs to be optimized. And do-it-yourself is not always the most appropriate solution. Therefore, even in this case, a restyling intervention may be indispensable, to be carried out on the advice and project of professionals.
The first question you need to ask yourself however is: what do I want to achieve in this space
If you already have clear ideas, you are at a good point. If, on the other hand, you need some tips, you should know that the main objective must be in any case to increase the functionality of your garage. But how to achieve this goal
An intervention could be based, for example, on a renewal of the walls, introducing insulating panels to overcome the problem of humidity, and use a breathable paint.
Renovating a garage can also mean changing the flooring, depending on the use that you want to make of this area. The ceramic one, for example, is very suitable for a garage. You can then dedicate yourself to the strategic positioning of the shelves to save space for your car.
In short, there are many ideas for renovating your home. We have selected 10 from which you can draw inspiration, also leaving room for your own imagination and taste.

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